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The one that started it all- The Absinthe Kit. One kit will turn one fifth (750 ml) alcohol into Absinthe. Pour herbs into tea bag, submerge in alcohol for 15 days.

Our ingredients are always 100% organic and our wormwood is wild crafted in Hungary. We make no claims about "special properties" that absinthe might have. Historically it was mixed with Laudnum and opium, and it always been a spirit enjoyed in incredibly high proofage. Any special effects you experience are more likely due to the alcohol rather than the wormwood.

Absinthe Kit

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  • Wormwood has tons of health benefits:  

     It has been shown to help with: Crohns Disease

    Killing cancer cells and shrinking tumors

    Beating Malaria

    Working as an antimicrobial and antifungal tea 

    Ridding Intestinal parasites

    Inducing menstruation

    Allowing fetus to detach from womb and ease of birth*

    * circa 1568- herb is no longer used this way. Wormwood is now known to have negative consequences on baby if used while pregnant. 


    Absinthe is a TASTY alcohol drink. you can make it by yourself using your own alcohol- your choice of strength, and enjoy the stimulant of the wormwood mixed with the depressant of the alcohol. This forms a euphoric effect. If you've added alcohol to your coffee you know what I'm talking about. Wormwood is a natural stimulant, however. No caffeine, no jitteriness.


     side note- incredibly high proof alcohol can cause wormwood to release enough Thujone to cause a person to hallucinate. If you stay under 150 proof alcohol you will be fine, otherwise, make sure you drink your absinthe responsibly and in a safe place.